Solar Photovoltaic’s

Electropower is a market leader in Solar PV, as a developer and as a provider of services into the industry.

We specialise in ground-mounted arrays, either to deliver power to the grid or to feed the demand of large energy users. We work with landlords, private businesses, utilities, Distribution Network Operators and investors to deliver optimised parks with a focus on quality and sustainable land practises. Our desire to manage and operate our projects beyond construction means that we are invested in the quality and longevity of the sites – as a result, our performance ratios and availability statistics are market leading.

If you looking for the installation of solar panels on your roof and wondering how much it will cost and how much savings you can have on your monthly electricity bill, then you are in the right place. People ask this question quite often and most of the cases this is the first question people ask. Here, I have tried to address this important questions without going into any technical details.


The cost of rooftop solar system depends on the system size (1 kW, 25 kW, 100 kW etc), system type (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid etc), autonomy needed (1 Hr, 4 Hr, 24 Hretc), location and also on the quality of the products and services.


A comprehensive summary of various types of solar systems along with the cost is given here for you convenience. The pice is inclusive of GST. Please do not hesitate to drop a comment in the comment section at the bottom if you have any specific queries/comments/suggestions.


On-Grid Rooftop Solar System

Where To Use: Power cut is less than 2 Hr a day on average, peak load is 5 kVA or more, want to reduce electricity bill. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial purpose where the 

Off-Grid Rooftop Solar System

Where To Use: Where grid electricity is not available and the peak load is less or around 5 kVA. 

Hybrid Rooftop Solar System

Where To Use: Frequent power cut, peak load is less or around 5 kVA, daytime consumption is high etc.  Suitable for normal household and places where electricity consumption is less or around 500 Units (kWh) per month.

Solar Street Light

Solar street light are street lights powered by solar panels. The solar panel charges a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. The typical solar street lights are of 18 Watt. However, it can be anywhere between 6 Watt to 200 Watt. The cost of solar street light depends on the wattage of the light (12 W, 18 W etc), autonomy needed (12 Hr, 24 Hretc), height of the pole (4 m, 5 m etc), location and also on the quality of the products and services.

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